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Peace of mind to landlords and tenants

 Letgate is the new property management portal, which offers a single point of contact for all landlord-tenant communications, documentation and inventory management.

 Software developers have designed the Letgate portal in conjunction with landlords so that it caters to their exact requirements, whilst remaining affordable, scalable and simple to use.

 Letgate is the only property management tool that allows you raise issues against specific items in a live photo inventory. The tenant portal offers a professional front to your business whilst ensuring you never miss an important message from your tenants. everything is tracked for future reference or dispute.

 These unique features, along with reminders, a document repository, auto-generated documents and compliance checklists, make Letgate the most comprehensive property management tool to date.

 Features include:

  • Tenancy Agreement checklists to ensure compliance with changing legislation
  • Reminders covering expiring rent, certificates, documentation and checklist entries
  • Live photographic inventory with the ability to add images from a mobile phone
  • A record of all landlord-tenant communications that can be produced as a transcript for evidence in court
  • Pre-populated Tenancy Agreements provided by Moore Blatch Solicitors
  • Tenant Portal for viewing important information and raising issues

Letgate can be accessed via a range of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, making it accessible from almost anywhere. The portal is intuitive and user-friendly and a simple step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up your first properties and tenancy agreements. Our team are also on-hand to offer any assistance, should you require it.

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