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housing hand

housing hand

The Award-Winning Rent Guarantor Service

Housing Hand is the UK’s first and only rent guarantor service offering fully comprehensive cover of rent, damages/dilapidations as well as professional eviction costs for international and UK students and working professionals. Private halls, letting agencies and landlords who use our award winning service can expect a higher level of occupancy, no financial risk from rental arrears and increased leads from secured applicants - all at no extra cost to them!

Solution to the guarantor problem

In the UK, the majority of accommodation providers will have to ask students and many working professionals that do not meet the minimum required income level to provide a UK-based guarantor as a condition of renting a property.

 If the tenant cannot provide a UK-based guarantor, another option may be to request their rent in advance, but this can be a substantial amount of money to pay at once and can cause stress and pressure for tenants, causing them to look for property elsewhere where they will not have to provide a qualifying guarantor.

 Secure and Financially Insured Guarantor Service

 Don’t turn away tenants because they cannot supply a qualified UK-based guarantor! With Housing Hand standing as rent guarantor, you can secure a wider pool of previously non qualifying tenants, safe in the knowledge that Housing Hand is covered by a Financial Liability Insurance Policy (in association with Gauntlet Sphere and Brit Syndicates at Lloyds of London). This comprehensive policy complies with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, giving accommodation providers total peace of mind and financial security to rent to tenants who are guaranteed by Housing Hand.