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Calling all Derby Landlords

Article by Giles Inman on Mar 17, 2016 View in browser

Calling all Derby Landlords

A great opportunity to attend a Derby based Landlord Forum on Tuesday 12th April.

Derby City Council (DCC) have produced a Private Rented Sector Landlords checklist which they intend to distribute amongst landlords who operate in Derby. This is really what you might like to call a landlord responsibility check list. It is intended as an educational tool to assist landlords in ensuring compliance.

EMPO is hosting in conjunction with DCC and the Peartree Landlord Association an opportunity to discuss the content of this checklist prior to the final version being published on the DCC website.

The discussion will include DCC idea to publish landlord details on their website where landlords have pledged to meet the standards.

The Landlord forum will be on Tuesday 12th April at 6pm at:

The Pear Tree Infant School, Pear Tree Street, Derby, DE23 8PN

If you would like to attend this event please can you click HERE and complete the form

Proposed Private Rented Sector Landlords’ checklist

Private landlords in Derby have a responsibility to ensure their properties are free from hazards or that they are reduced to an acceptable low risk.

In short, a landlord should ensure in each of the properties they let, that:

  • the dwelling is warm, dry and well-ventilated
  • there is no rising or penetrating damp, no significant condensation dampness and no significant mould growth
  • there is an adequate, properly installed, properly maintained central heating system that can be controlled by the occupants
  • where solid fuel burning appliances are present in the dwelling, a Carbon Monoxide detector is fitted in the same room in accordance with British Standards
  • there is adequate thermal insulation to the roof space, walls and floors to minimize heat loss
  • there is a safe and modern electrical installation with a sufficient number of socket outlets for modern living
  • where gas is supplied to the property all gas appliances and flues are checked annually
  • there is adequate natural lighting and ventilation
  • there is adequate artificial lighting
  • there are satisfactory facilities for the storage & preparation of food
  • there are an adequate number of toilets and washing facilities
  • there is no overcrowding in the dwelling or other crowding and space hazards
  • the design construction and maintenance of the dwelling enables it to be kept clean
  • there are no access points for pests
  • there is  suitable provision for storage of refuse inside and outside the dwelling
  • there is security against unauthorised entry
  • there are no unreasonable risks from falling, on stairs, between levels or on the level
  • there are adequate fire precautions in the  dwelling including an appropriately designed fire detection and alarm system with alarms that are interlinked and supplied with mains electricity
  • there is no disrepair that may result in the collapse or falling of an element either internally or externally
  • the construction of separating walls and floors - particularly between flats - is such that excessive sound transmission is prevented
  • there are no elements that may cause a trapping or collision injury
  • when repairs are necessary they are carried out to a good standard
  • any work undertaken meets current legal requirements.

 For further information on the above, landlords should acquire a copy of the booklet ‘The Ideal Property; A Landlords Guide’.

This can be obtained by contacting the Housing Standards Team on 01332 640764 or email housing.standards@derby.gov.uk