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About EMPO

Established in 1942, East Midlands Property Owners Ltd (EMPO) is a not-for-profit Landlords Association that represents the need of Residential Landlords across the East Midlands.

EMPO works with Government, Local Authorities and Industry to provide the best deal possible for independent landlords in this region.

EMPO is run by an elected committee, experts in their own field within the property market, dedicated to ensuring that members of the association benefit from their collective strength.

EMPO is  regarded as one of the most progressive Landlords Associations in the country, with growing membership numbers and solid working relationships with local authorities across the region.

Opened in 2006, EMPO House at 78 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, provides our membership with a valuable regional office function, and offers a central meeting place for presentations and speakers.

The office is open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Current Developments
  • Continuously increasing membership numbers is making EMPO one of the most successful landlords associations in Britain. We strive to continue to expand into local counties and expect membership to grow even faster in the near future.
  • Further expansion and extensions to our trade card and list of recommended services.
  • The development of new/stronger links in the wider East Midlands area to help and assist existing small landlords associations to expand and develop, or if they so wish incorporate them into our association.
  • Members events with Landlord related services including presentations on accountancy, law, and planning issues.
  • Offer a range of services to EMPO members with paid staff at our offices on 78 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. EMPO is transforming from a voluntary organisation into a thriving, progressive, professional association.
  • Continue to work closely with DASH Accreditation and all councils across the East Midlands.
Our Management Objectives
  • To promote sustainable growth in our membership
  • To stimulate the membership to be as active as possible
  • To continue to expand the level of tangible benefits to the membership
  • To make the existence of the association known to all interested parties throughout the East Midlands and develop a prominent regional structure.
  • To seek maximum publicity for our general meetings
  • To ensure maximum presence and input into the Annual Landlords Conference hosted by the Nottingham City Council
  • To create and encourage development with like-minded associations throughout Great Britain
  • To provide continuing support for our regional committee to co-ordinate co-operation with such organisations
  • To develop our web presence and provide our membership valuable up-to-date information on new legislation and property issues
  • To regularly canvass the membership asking for ways in which we can improve our service to them
  • To continue relationships already forged with Councils throughout the East Midlands.